Carbon monoxide kills.

Every day millions of people make use of fossil fuels indoors for cooking, lighting and heat. These fossil fuels all releases the odourless Carbon Monoxide gas when burnt. As concentrations build up, so does the chance of it reducing peoples lives and even killing instantly.

We set out to change this.

About Us

Air Alert is a rapidly developing social enterprise that aims at increasing the awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide when released by fossil fuels in informal settlements and small spaces.

We have done this with the creation of an easy to use low-cost carbon monoxide sensor, which can be placed in any space to monitor and alert when carbon monoxide concentrations reach a dangerous level.

The sensor is small and has a built-in microchip to also track prolonged exposures to carbon monoxide.

We are currently in stage 2 of prototyping and will be updating our website with more details soon.

Please send us an email below if you wish to hear more sooner.

Contact Us

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